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What's neemboo all about?

Neemboo is a new 'zesty' take on kids clothing. Our clothes are as fun as their little owners - made of 100% cotton and 200% love!


Kids clothes, above all, must let them breathe. All of our clothing is pure cotton, with no itchy trims or labels. We absolutely love the beauty and diversity of Indian textiles like block prints, ikats, temple borders, jamdani and so many more. And we love to transform them into designs that are unique, contemporary and fun.  


This is true for our festive range is as well. The market is flooded with synthetic and over-embellished clothes that hardly get any use beyond a few occasions. We felt an even greater need to offer choices that are elegant but also extremely comfortable. And we set out to make designs that are multifunctional. Our festive sets can be styled as separates and paired in multiple ways so that they don't languish in the wardrobe waiting for the next big occasion.

Working with natural materials is not just a design choice but a value close to our hearts. More than anything else, we are here for the love of our kids and the only way we can hope to leave them with a beautiful world to live in is by working with and not against nature, and making them a part of that change from the very beginning.


We want the kids to see that a birthday outfit doesn't need layers of net and sequins to make them feel special. We want them to know about what happens to a plastic button when a garment is finally discarded. We want them to think about the big consequences of the many small choices we make every day. 

When we are not busy making clothes, we are thinking about how to use the fabric scraps left over. That is how we came up with our much loved Rakhis. Our Rakhis are twice the fun because they match with our twinning sets and then they transform into hair clips. Say goodbye to Rakhis that get used for just a day. All our hair accessories are made from the scraps as well. We have also partnered with a home decor brand that uses the tiniest of our scraps as stuffing material in stead of bubble wrap. As they say, it's not waste untill you waste it.


Our Reduce-Reuse-Recylce philosophy extends to our own packaging as well. We pack our clothes in reusable cotton bags & ship them in re-used courier bags collected from conscious community members. So no additional plastic waste added to the environment that can do with far less of it already.


So while there are many options to buy kids clothes online, we hope that you'll stop by here for designs that are unique, fun and comfortable, while making sure that we collectively do our bit to work with nature and not against it.

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